Simplifying low-impact house share and short stay

Published on Monday, 14 September 2020 at 10:35:00 AM

Vincent residents will be able to offer their homes for “low risk” short-stay accommodation and home sharing without planning approval under proposed changes to the way the City of Vincent manages this emerging type of accommodation.

The City is seeking the community’s views on streamlining the approvals process for low-impact short stays while giving greater guidance to hosts and ensuring good management of guests.

Vincent residents wanting to make their homes available to holidaymakers – whether it’s to a couple in a town centre or a family house swap in a residential area – currently need planning approval.

Under the proposed changes, people living in town centres or commercial areas would be able to rent out their homes to four guests, or one family, for up to three months in one year without getting approval.

People in residential areas would be able to have up to two people or a family in their home without first asking the City for permission. Residential home sharing would be limited to a single stay in one year for a maximum of three months.

All home owners would have to provide the City with written notification, a management plan and code of conduct to address potential issues such as noise, parking and impact on their neighbours.

“We’ve seen a fast growing number of homes being offered for sharing and short stay in Vincent over recent years with the rise of online platforms such as Airbnb and Stayz,” said Mayor Emma Cole.

“Few people have sought planning approval to offer their homes and the process has become a barrier to the City of Vincent being informed and able to provide guidelines and models of good management. This has sometimes led to problems between neighbours and a lack of understanding of responsibly for those sharing their homes.

“Rather than having blanket rules around applying for planning approval, we are taking the scale of the short stay, the location of the home and the impact on neighbours into account.

“For example, in residential areas only a single short stay, with one family or two guests, would be allowed within a 12 month period for a maximum of three months. This is ideal for housesitting and house swap opportunities.

“Short-stay accommodation can provide opportunities to Vincent residents for more travel and hosting house sitters whilst away and we support this, but it has to be well-managed and within guidelines that don’t impact their neighbours.

“The proposed approach will help us to have better oversight and management of this type of accommodation but with a lighter touch. The balance is there to look after our community members and the integrity of our neighbourhoods while still giving home owners the option to host and holiday.”

The proposed changes would also provide more clarity to people or businesses that want to operate larger-scale or continuous short-term accommodation.

Anyone who wants to use their home as a holiday rental on a more permanent basis, or host large groups, would still need to apply for planning approval.

The City will take a range of factors into account when assessing the application, including the location, whether the host is on-site and any proposed minimum night stay for guests.

To find out more or to have your say on the proposed changes, visit or contact the City on or 9273 6000.

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