What is the City of Vincent doing in response to COVID-19?

The City of Vincent is following the direction from State and Federal health agencies to provide an environment that is safe and healthy, and will continue to provide essential community services. 

To ensure the safety of our community, the City has implemented the following measures to reduce the risk of spread:

  • Cancelled all events until further notice.
  • Many City of Vincent employees have been working from home.
  • Beatty Park Leisure Centre, City of Vincent Library, Loftus Recreation Centre and the Community Centre were all closed on 23 March 2020. With restrictions now easing, we have re-opened Beatty Park and the Library in a limited capacity. The Community Centre and Loftus Recreation Centre are both set to re-open on Monday 25 May with limited services.

If you have any questions or concerns, you should contact the Public Health Information Line on 1800 004 599 or visit the Department of Health.

Please read on for important community information and FAQs. We will continue to update this page as information emerges and make sure to check out the news section of our website for the latest announcements.

COVID-19 Relief & Recovery

The City has been urgently working on measures to provide immediate relief and support recovery for our community and local businesses impacted by COVID-19.

The comprehensive COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Strategy was adopted at the Special Council Meeting on Monday 30 March. To find out what measures are included in the strategy click below.

News story | COVID-19 Relief & Recovery

COVID-19 Relief & Recovery Strategy

Rebound Plan | Addendum to COVID-19 Relief & Recovery Strategy