From pre-loved trash to treasure

Published on Thursday, 12 November 2020 at 9:59:58 AM

Twelve fashion bloggers and influencers who are looking to offload their designer goods will host a mega ‘garage sale’ in Vincent next weekend as part of the annual Garage Sale Trail.

The City of Vincent is encouraging community members to take part in Australia’s biggest community and sustainability event, the Garage Sale Trail, on 21 and 22 November.

The event is part of the City’s commitment to reducing landfill and supporting community members to reuse and reduce waste at home.

Among the people who have already signed up for a garage sale in Vincent are bloggers, plant enthusiasts, antique collectors and parents who are looking to clear out their kids toys.

“The Garage Sale Trail is a great way to meet your neighbours and make some extra money, but it also helps us divert valuable resources from landfill,” said Mayor Emma Cole.

“Every year there are so many pre-loved treasures up for grabs that might otherwise have been destined for the tip.

“We all need to take responsibility for the waste we generate and this event is a great reminder that we shouldn’t automatically throw things away when we’re done with them.

“The City of Vincent has set an ambitious target of sending zero waste to landfill by 2028. Our community members can help us achieve this by reusing and rehoming their goods rather than putting them in the bin.”

Last year, 653 tonnes of textiles and other household items were saved from landfill during the Garage Sale Trail in WA.

Fashion blogger Jenelle Witty has organised a Garage Sale Trail event with 11 other bloggers and influencers at Mount Hawthorn Main Hall next Sunday.

The sellers will be looking to clear out their wardrobes of designer goods while encouraging community members to start thinking differently about the way they consume clothes.

“I get sent a lot of samples from designers but I don’t get enough wear out of them, so my footprint in terms of the amount of clothes coming into my house is something I want to tackle,” Jenelle said.

“I want to encourage people to shop second-hand and approach fashion in a more considered way.

“So many people will buy something and wear it once before hiding it away in the back of their cupboard. But you can give your clothes a second life by selling them or swapping with friends.

“We need to think about the way that we consume clothes – it’s really important to be more conscious and considered.”

This year, the Garage Sale Trail is also taking place online for the first time ever.

Registrations are free for households, schools and community groups who want to take part in the event.

To register, go to

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